The Demo Album

by Les Vinyl



These are demos and acoustic versions and original concepts. Some new, some old.

Album artwork by @TimDuffy.
Layout by Meri Teasdale (@TeriMeasdale)

Thanks to Ezra Donellan (Kilgore Trout Is Dead) for writing track 9 "The Plan"

And special thanks to the people who left me the voicemails featured on certain tracks: Chris Konko, Jenny Miller, James Murray/Joe Gatto, Chris Vert, and that woman "Brenda" who was looking for that guy "Shlomo" Heck! Thanks to Shlomo too, why not?!

Les Vinyl is Casey, Jenny, Pat, and Michael.

And Joe Imburgio played bass on track 6 or whatever.


released April 28, 2014



all rights reserved


Les Vinyl New York

Les Vinyl is:
Casey Jost
Jenny Miller
Pat Given

Always recorded by:
Red Room Studios

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Track Name: Hot Pink 2000
Blinded by an earthquake when some debris and schrapnel scorched my eyes. Made it home alive but scared (whoa oh). Fire burned my village down.
All my clothes, my favorite rugs, now to ash.
Terrible devastation yeah
My best friend is missing. I think i saw his t-shirt torn by the church on 54th street and central ave. I hope my mom and dad are safe but i'm not - I'm not very optimistic.
It's terrible devastation yeah - oh yeah
Track Name: Young n Carefree
I’ve never been bad to women
I’ve always been good at life
But with a wink of an eye and a turn of a vice
I’d settle down with a wife

Extremes. Living out pipe dreams
Carefree. Sharing fond memories.

I hope I don’t die alone.
Or even live that way.
I made some mistakes along the way.
I’m old but still learning.
Still growing up.
Still stepping before I look.
At least I still have my eyesight.
But my attention's impaired.
My target's locked and loaded with care

It seems my conversations are weak.
My dreams are running unintentionally out of steam
I’m livin out pipe dreams.
Carefree. Sharing fond memories.
Track Name: F For Effort Original Demo
Well, I heard rome wasn’t built in a day
So how come everyone is rushing to get ahead
And If I seem to be reserved it’s just my way
Your question’s like your interrogating me

yeah, I try
then again I don’t try
I get an F for Effort
I'll get a D next time

I’ve heard the lemon metaphor four million times
Well I don’t stand for lemonade, don’t ask me why
Would a beverage stand be job that’d be desired?
And where would I get the wood (would) and should I try?

Yeah, I try
then again I don’t try
I get an F for Effort
I’d take a 65

I heard currency doesn’t grow like leaves on trees
How come my money comes and goes so seasonally
I wish farmers planted plants instead of thieves
My friend pays a ton of green for greener groceries

Yeah, she tried
Then again she don’t try
She gets an F for Effort
Is that such a crime?
Track Name: Good Advice
30 dollar bible
I don't know why
Mine's just as thick
Million dollar smile
I don't know why
Mine's just as rich

But if you see it in yourself
Then you should know it
Yeah I don't know it but it sounds like good advice

Thousand dollar style
I don't know why
I don't wanna fit
Million dollar idol
I don't know why
I don't worship it

But if you see it in yourself
Then you should know it
Yeah I don't know it but it sounds like good advice
Track Name: My Fault
Time is hard enough to wait for
At least i can be with you
Age is enough to be afraid of
i'd like to grow old with you

And if I die tonight, please keep my love in a vault.
And if you die tonight, please let it not be my fault
My fault, my fault, please keep my lovin in a vault.
My fault, my fault, that you're not here.

Earth is large enough to get lost on
I wanna find a way to be with you
Space is far enough as it is.
Please don't ship(blast) off too soon

And if I leave tonight, it'don't mean our lovin will halt
And if you leave tonight, please it let it not be my fault.

My fault, don't let our lovin tumblesault
My fault, default and come right back to me.
My fault, my fault, my affection is assault
My fault, pole fault and land right next to me.

My fault my fault
Please keep my lovin in a vault
My fault my fault that your not here with me
Track Name: Question This n Question That
Question this and question that
Too many questions without answers and no one questions that

Question this and question that
It seems like everybody's sentenced if they ever answer back

Question this and question that
It seems you never get a second and your second guessing that

Question this and question that
it seems like everybody's dancing round the question-answer that

Question this and questions that
It seems like every single answer and every single minute causes every single cancer and every indecision and we're just set up to live it and we're just too weak to lift it how bout that

question this and question that repeat

i turn the water off because you genuinely get mad
Track Name: Excavate Demo
Excavating dirt inside my brain
instead of out climbing mountains
in bed i lay in silent blame
counting every sheep I can name
false solace mounting everyday
all this makes me evacuate

Excavating brains outside my house
inside of bars I get let down
In silence thinking im a clown
In time I'll make my way around
Every new name i mispronounce
the sounds i hear just drown you out
Track Name: Grimm
I wanna eliminate the problems of man

But I can't if don't be a good dude

I wanna find myself and be a new man

But I can't if I don't leave my bedroom

I wanna solve these kinds of problems like my dad

But I can't if I keep asking of him

I wanna be the one that glees the one that's sad

But I can't if I keep acting so Grimm

I wanna tolerate the moral compass

Invest and generate the corporate profits

And I can And I plan to interrupt the fiscal process

And have fun

I wanna string myself up like a witch

And tell the town to burn my body like its wood

I wanna pick myself up like a baby

And pass that shit around like It's all good

I wanna sing myself asleep in a canoe

But I can't if keep playing out of tune

I wanna worship a god that's untrue

And I can if I keep listening to you

I want eliminate coercive constructs

Co-facilitate all future prospects

And I can and I plan to renovate the final project

And be nice
Track Name: Merry Xmas jL
Long ago in a future that no one knows

Merry Xmas, John Lennon pick up the telephone

In a night of desire you retired all your woe.

Merry Xmas, John Lennon pick up the telephone.

Right after the past where everybody sings

I'm sorry Paul McCartney that Linda got her wings

she loved you yeah yeah yeah

I'm sorry Paul McCartney that Linda got her wings

revolution number 9

got solutions on my mind

and i can't understand why belushi had to die

evolution wonder why

benefit of mr kite

don't you wanna kick it with a stand up guy?

imagine i was fly, 64 and feelin life

and i think about the covers and i think it makes me high

yellow submarine inside

sgt peppers, brocoli rabe

and i know even care if i live or if i die

i just wanna live with my liver full of rye

sitting with my pride

wearing suit and tie

casket open

me inside

am i hopin that i die

yeah, kinda